Our History


Founding of the company, by José Neves Martins.

Paulo Martins, the founder’s son, embraced the family business and ever since he followed his father’s vision and performance for the company, keeping the same innovative spirit and sense of adventure, innovating in the heating equipment market.



The year in which JOANINHA decides to produce new models of wood stoves and salamander heaters. Market analysis and a careful vision of it, were the reasons that gave birth to this new line of business.

By this time, the company was a small factory that only worked with two employees.



A decade later, JOANINHA decided to expand its facilities to an extent of 4.000 m2, of which, 1.000 m2 are destined for offices, exhibition areas, and manufacturing processes.



JOANINHA begins a new expansion of its factory alongside with the remodeling of its store located in the mythic Rua Direita, which lies in the city center of Viseu.

The beginning of this year was also marked by the creation of the new website which can be accessed through different devices (computers, tablets and cellphones), containing information about all the company’s products.